Friday, December 27, 2013


Snow is falling softly outside, it has already created a beautiful blanket. The trees hang low with all the weight. I love this time of year. Sitting here, with a nice hot cup of tea and the fire burning brightly, watching the peaceful scene through the window. Today I got to see the turkeys come out of the woods and walk around to find food. They jumped onto my fence and some flew into the trees. The dog bounded through the snow, all you could see was an occasional head and tail the snow is so deep. All the animals are playful on a day like today. It's day's like this, peaceful, serene that make you glad you are alive. Whether you have problems with money, issues with a significant other or just your own demons. Today is a day to forget all of that, and simply enjoy what you do have. You have the greatest gift of all, the ability to create your own happiness.

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