Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christian Kane - Different Kind of Knight (Last.fm Sessions)

Today it is 9 out...saweet! of course the wind is whipping the snow around and could freeze your nose hairs instantly! So it's a good day to stay here and share some music with you wonderful people. I put more up on twitter if you are interested you can follow me there @klynn_demar. Today I was thinking I would feature someone I love. you all may know him as an actor, but I fell in love with his voice long before I saw him on angel and before leverage was ever thought of. He not only has done tv series but movies as well. You will see him in Taxi, Crossfire Trail and of course Her Minor Thing. If you haven't guessed yet it is Christian Kane. and you can follow him on twitter at @christiankane01 He isn't much of a talker, doesn't tweet a whole lot, which can be a bit discouraging for some fans. But his music is wonderful. He has some songs you may not know are his, for instance, Trace Atkins just recorded Happy Man. Enough talk from me, time to put up the music!

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